“Elaine has helped me to train two dogs. My current dog, a Lab mix who was rescued from the roadside in Tennessee as a tiny pup and who we adopted when she was 16 weeks old, trained with Elaine all the way from Puppy Kindergarten thru Continuing Education. It wasn’t always easy to suppress a giggle at Emmi’s antics as Elaine helped me learn how to correct and re-direct Emmi’s easy distractibility. It may not have been easy, but it was definitely worth it. Emmi has gone from being a sweet but terribly unfocused “class clown” to a sweet, emotionally-aware Therapy Dog. “Focus” still is not consistently one of her stronger suits, but she has matured beautifully. She recently received her 5-year service patch from DogBONES Therapy Dogs of Massachusetts and has received her Canine Good Citizen certification. Emmi can often be found soaking up the affection at nursing/rehab facilities, the Boston Children’s Museum, and in college dorms for student “de-stressing” events around exam time.”

Laurie Feldman

“The four of us have been graduates of Elaine’s dog training programs.
We have participated in group and private classes with her and found them to be fun, knowledgeable and rewarding. Elaine emphasizes a positive approach to training and relates everyday experiences in her work to help clients train dogs to be life long companions and family members. Having been teachers for many years, we were always impressed with Elaine’s instructional skills and her ability to problem solve with her clients, breaking down training skills and techniques for all levels of dog owner learning. She is extremely knowledgeable of the developmental needs of all breeds of dogs such as feeding, appropriate toys and behaviors. She continues to be available for questions and help even though we our no longer in her classes. Her training and classes helped to instill a desire for us to become involved in further training as we continue to work with our youngest dog Bodi to in agility classes.”


We first worked with Elaine in a beginner obedience class that started three days after we adopted a skinny 3-year-old greyhound, himself only three days off the track. Even in a group setting, Elaine checked in with every person about their experiences with their dog. She tailored lessons to address all individual issues that came up while also working in all the basic obedience you would expect to cover. Elaine is extremely perceptive about life with dogs and will detect subtle, easy ways of  improving habits and routines that make a huge difference in day to day doggie obedience and in everybody’s happiness and household harmony. She cuts quickly to the heart of an issue (no matter how distant that is from the way we explained it). We always learn much more than whatever we think we are calling her for. It is inspiring to watch her quickly develop a rapport with a dog and see the quick and clear communication between them (which Elaine is also good at explaining).

Caryn-Amy Rose & Jeffery Schindler

I️ grew up around dogs my whole life including 7 in our house at once when I was a kid. Yet, I️ didn’t know anything about training them.  Elaine was referred by a neighbor when I️ got my 2nd dog, an American Eskimo named Polar.  She was not an easy puppy to say the least, but Elaine had a certain kind of patience and kindness with her and worked with Polar on her commands, barking and jumping up on people.  She also taught me quickly how to crate train Polar so she could sleep through the night without having her wake us up in the middle of the night. Then I️ got our 3rd dog, Trekker, who was this goofy young male pup who didn’t even know his name, commands or how to walk on a leash.  A few sessions with Elaine and he became this obedient, leash walking pup who was much easier to handle than when I️ first got him. Every time a friend gets a new puppy or dog, I️ can’t wait to recommend Elaine and Gratefuldog because I️ know they will be so happy with her work.  My 11 year old calls Elaine the “dog whisperer.”

Dara Torres – Dover, MA