At The Grateful Dog, I offer comprehensive, flexible dog training options to address the individual client (in this case, your dog), on a case-by-case level. Combining proven dog training techniques and a personalized approach allows me to customize programs to meet the needs of my clients.

Here’s an overview of the services I provide:

Private Training

My in-home training programs are customized for you, your dog and your lifestyle. We will focus on specific training strategies and reinforce these strategies by having you work together with your dog on skills and methods. These personalized one-hour sessions can be scheduled on a regular or as-needed basis.

Group Classes

I am happy to coordinate group sessions for clients interested in this option. Please ask.

Puppy Kindergarten

The best time to start training your dog is when you first bring her home. This early education option is for puppies from 8-weeks up to 5-months old and it covers basic socialization in a group setting, establishing a relationship with your dog and proper care instructions.

Graduate Puppy Ed

This program guides your puppy towards polishing the skills he learned in Puppy Kindergarten. This relationship is for life, so building a solid foundation by adding a second level of learning for you and your pet is often a good idea.

Basic Beginner Obedience Training

For dogs 5-months old and up, we will cover a variety of subjects including developing a working relationship between you and your dog, standard commands, and how to address common behavior problems.

Intermediate Obedience

You’ll learn that repetition pays off, and your dog will learn a few tricks.

Advanced Ed

This advanced class is for reliable dogs that respond to commands and are mature enough to train for difficult tasks or challenging environments. Please ask about Advanced Ed if you have specific needs or goals for your pet. I can also help owners who want to show their dogs in obedience competition.

To get more information about the services available at The Grateful Dog, contact Elaine at